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Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series

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Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series

Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series
Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series

Large Image :  Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series Get Best Price

Product Details:

Place of Origin: Japan
Brand Name: Mitsubishi
Certification: CE
Model Number: MR-J3-100B

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PC
Packaging Details: Original box
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 30 PCS/ PER Month
Detailed Product Description
Brand: Mitsubishi Model: MR-J3-100B
Type: Industrial Servo Drive Origin Of Country: Japan
Power: 1KW OUTPUT: 170V 0-360Hz 6.0A
High Light:

1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive


MR J3 100B



Industrial MR J3 100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series



Quick Details:

  • MRJ3100B
  • 1 KW
  • 3-PHASE 200 VAC
  • One Year Warranty



Manufacturer: Mitsubishi


Product number:MR-J3-100B

Vendor number: MR-J3-100B


Description: MR-J3-100B is an Drives-AC Servo manufactured by Mitsubishi


Drive Type: MR-J2 AC Servo Amplifier


Rated Output: 1000 W


Interface: General Purpose Interface


Power Supply: Three-phase AC 200-230V


Modification: S01


Description  MR-J3-100B

is a Drives-AC Servo produced by Mitsubishi

Drive Type

MR-J2 AC Servo Amplifier

Rated Output

1000 W


General Purpose Interface

Power Supply

Three-phase AC 200-230V




Length: 0.5 meters.
Purpose: MR-JE-A, MR-TB50 connection with. "MITSUBISHI general purpose AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J2-Super series.
Rated output: 0.2kw.
SSCNET interface.
Voltage: 3 phase AC200VAC or single phase AC230V.
Complete synchronization system with SSCNET high speed serial communication,
The communication cycle between the controller and the servo amplifier is the longest 0 MR-J3-100B PDF datasheet MR-J3-100B 888ms.
Such systems will be able to provide high reliability and high performance.
When connecting the servo system with SSCNET,
In the motion system, the parameters of the servo amplifier and the acquisition of the data will be displayed on the motion controller.
Connect a dedicated cable with an amplifier and a controller to form a SSCNET system MR-J3-100B PDF datasheet .
This simple connection method reduces the routing time and helps to prevent noise.
Even in the MELSERVO-J2-SUPER series products using high resolution coding standards, the command frequency is no limit.
It is only necessary to add a battery on the servo amplifier, which can form the absolute value system.
Currently there are more than 1000000 high reliability SSCNET servo amplifier networks in use MR-J3-100B PDF datasheet . "Cable length: 20m.
For MR-J2S-700A (4) /CP/CL or less.
Encoder for HC-SFS; HC-LFS; HC-RFS; 2000r/min HA-LFS; HC-UFS servo motor.
-L represents bending life.
MITSUBISHI motor universal AC servo amplifier MELSERVO-J3 series MITSUBISHI MR-J3-100B PDF catalog.
Rated output: 0.75kw.
Interface type: SSCNET type III fiber communication.
Special features: integrated driver security MITSUBISHI MR-J3-100B PDF catalog.
Power specification: single phase AC200V.
STO function as a security feature is added to the SSCNET III fiber communication type servo amplifier.
By using the STO function, the electromagnetic contactor used in the past to prevent the motor from accidentally starting is no longer needed MITSUBISHI MR-J3-100B PDF catalog.
SS1 functions can be realized by using the MR-J3-D05 security logic unit.
MR-J3-BS uses a full closed loop control system.
Compatibility with MR-J3-B.
MR-J3-BS installatiion, wiring and connectors are the same as the MR-J3-B, so do not change the existing connection will be easy to MR-J3-B
Change to MR-J3-BS MR-J3-100B datasheet.
Security functions are connected to the CN8 interface through an external securityy circuit to increase the MR-J3-BS driver security MR-J3-100B PDF datasheet .
Compatible full closed loop control system.
MR-J3-BS has a full closed loop control system version.


Mitsubishi MR-J2S Series Servo Drive


MR-J2S-10A MR-J2S-10B MR-J2S-10CP MR-J2S-10CL
MR-J2S-20A MR-J2S-20B MR-J2S-20CP MR-J2S-20CL
MR-J2S-40A MR-J2S-40B MR-J2S-40CP MR-J2S-40CL
MR-J2S-60A MR-J2S-60B MR-J2S-60CP MR-J2S-60CL
MR-J2S-70A MR-J2S-70B MR-J2S-70CP MR-J2S-70CL
MR-J2S-100A MR-J2S-100B MR-J2S-100CP MR-J2S-100CL
MR-J2S-200A MR-J2S-200B MR-J2S-200CP MR-J2S-200CL
MR-J2S-350A MR-J2S-350B MR-J2S-350CP MR-J2S-350CL
MR-J2S-500A MR-J2S-500B MR-J2S-500CP MR-J2S-500CL
MR-J2S-700A MR-J2S-700B MR-J2S-700CP MR-J2S-700CL
MR-J2S-11KA MR-J2S-11KB MR-J2S-10CP1 MR-J2S-10CL1
MR-J2S-15KA MR-J2S-15KB MR-J2S-20CP1 MR-J2S-20CL1
MR-J2S-22KA MR-J2S-22KB MR-J2S-40CP1 MR-J2S-40CL1
MR-J2S-30KA MR-J2S-30KB MR-J2S-10CP-S084 MR-HP30KA
MR-J2S-37KA MR-J2S-37KB MR-J2S-20CP-S084 MR-HP55KA4
MR-J2S-60A4 MR-J2S-60B4 MR-J2S-40CP-S084 MR-J2S-100A4
MR-J2S-100B4 MR-J2S-200B4 MR-J2S-60CP-S084 MR-J2S-70CP-S084
MR-J2S-350A4 MR-J2S-200A4 MR-J2S-350B4 MR-J2S-100CP-S084
MR-J2S-500A4 MR-J2S-500B4 MR-J2S-200CP-S084 MR-J2S-700A4
MR-J2S-700B4 MR-J2S-350CP-S084 MR-J2S-11KA4 MR-J2S-11KB4
MR-J2S-500CP-S084 MR-J2S-15KA4 MR-J2S-15KB4 MR-J2S-700CP-S084
MR-J2S-22KA4 MR-J2S-22KB4 MR-J2S-10CP1-S084 MR-J2S-30KA4
MR-J2S-40CP1-S084 MR-J2S-45KA4 MR-J2S-45KB4 MR-J2S-55KA4
MR-J2S-30KB4 MR-J2S-20CP1-S084 MR-J2S-37KA4 MR-J2S-37KB4
MR-J2S-55KB4 MR-J2S-10A1 MR-J2S-10B1 MR-J2S-20A1
MR-J2S-20B1 MR-J2S-40A1 MR-J2S-40B1 MR-J2S Series



MR-J2S-10B-S149 MR-J2S-20B-S149 MR-J2S-40B-EE085
MR-J2S-40B-EE006 MR-J2S-40B-S009U528 MR-J2S-40CP-S186
MR-J2S-40CP-S084 MR-J2S-40A-PY091 MR-J2S-40B-PY096
MR-J2S-40B-PY135 MR-J2S-40B-S210 MR-J2S-40A-PF
NR-J2S-60A-PF MR-J2S-40A-PQ108T022 MR-J2S-40B-PY096T018
MR-J2S-60B-S041U638 MR-J2S-60B-S134 MR-J2S-40B-PY135
MR-J2S-60B-FH168 MR-J2S-40B1-EH018 MR-J2S-40B1-QA112
MR-J2S-40CP1 MR-J2S-60B-S030 MR-J2S-40B-QT0009U625
MR-J2S-40CP-EG MR-J2S-10CP1 MR-J2S-40A-S004
MR-J2S-20CP1 MR-J2S-10A1-S017 MR-J2S-70A-S011
MR-J2S-20A-S011 MR-J2S-40A-S011 MR-J2S-100A-S011
MR-J2S-40A-EG055 MR-J2S-40A-EG011 MR-J2S-20CP-S011
MR-J2S-70CP-S011 MR-J2S-200B-S126 MR-J2S-70CP-S259
MR-J2S-70B-T004 MR-J2S-350CP-S186 MDS-B-SVJ2-07
MR-J2S-70B-RT MR-J2S-350CP-S084 MDS-D-SVJ3-01NA
MR-J2S-100B-T004 MR-J2S-350B-EG MDS-D-SVJ3-02NA
MR-J2S-100B-RT MR-J2S-350B-EG117 MDS-D-SVJ3-07NA
MR-J2S-70A-PM070 MDS-B-SVJ2-01 MDS-D-SVJ3-10NA
MR-J2S-200A-EJ012 MDS-B-SVJ2-03 MDS-D-SVJ3-20NA
MR-J2S-200B-T004 MDS-B-SVJ2-04 MR-J2S-100CP-S084
MR-J2S-200A-S007 MDS-B-SVJ2-06 MR-J2S-100CP-S186
MR-J2S-200B-S009V613 MDS-B-SVJ2-10 MR-J2S-70B-PY135U504
MR-J2S-200B-RS238 MDS-B-SVJ2-20



Industrial MR-J3-100B 1KW Mitsubishi Servo Drive MELSERVO J3 Series 0

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